How my long-distance-relationship started

There were two general things about a relationship which I never wanted. First, a long-distance-relationship and second to get to know someone over the internet. I strongly believed that it is not possible to fall in love via writing online, because I never kept an online conversation up for longer than ten messages. Furthermore a general rule of mine is to not write a guy first, but eventually that one day came and everything changed. Continue reading “How my long-distance-relationship started”


Moving Out

I have always lived with my family, for whole 20 years.

It was most of the time quite strict, since my mum really likes to make sure I do my school work and study as much as I can. But on the other hand she did my washing, ironing and dinner. Then there are of course my dad and my brothers who are always around, so it is quite fun to be home and have dinner and film nights together.

But after my finals in school and a gap year, where I spend half of it in language schools it was finally time to choose a university. My first couple of applications went out to German ones, but after a fair where university’s can present themselves, I hopelessly fell in love with the University of South Wales. It had the course I wanted. Continue reading “Moving Out”