How my long-distance-relationship started

There were two general things about a relationship which I never wanted. First, a long-distance-relationship and second to get to know someone over the internet. I strongly believed that it is not possible to fall in love via writing online, because I never kept an online conversation up for longer than ten messages. Furthermore a general rule of mine is to not write a guy first, but eventually that one day came and everything changed.

I was scrolling though the chatting app 9chat, designed for nerds to find people with common interests. I came across a very random picture in my news feed of a guy who was very happy about his very childish band-aid  which he presented it in a picture. It seemed like nothing spectacular so I scrolled past, only to scroll back up a few seconds later to look at him again. Every girl probably has a type of guy that she is physically more attracted too than others, which is only natural. I found my type at that very moment, not consciously but somewhere in my head. He had long, straight, blond hair. It was not very visible on the photo I saw in my news feed so I went on to see his profile to see more pictures of him and his luscious hair. He seemed to be very cool and for the first time I wanted to message someone and luckily I did.

Me: Your hair is so awesome ❤ (Thu 07 March 11:11 pm)

Him: I thank you my lady. But the looks of yours do not lack elegance either, as far as I can tell. (Thu 07 March 11:17 pm)

Back at that time, I was still in school and my English was decent but oh boy,  I was so impressed with his. I did not really know how to respond, because I could not express myself as fancy as he did. Eventually I thanked him and we started chatting. To my unbelief we chatted for quite a while and it was very interesting. As it got late we said good night and he gave me his number. I went to bed with butterflies in my stomach.

We ended up writing every single day, which we still do till today. We send pictures of our daily live to keep the other updated, exchanged songs and just chatted about everything that came our mind. It took a month but eventually we got very close. At some point I really wanted to get to know him in person. My mum always told me: Do not talk to strangers over the internet and do not meet with them. But I just had to tell her about my plan:

Me: Mum, can I talk to you for a moment?

Mum: Yes what is it?

Me: You maybe want to sit down.

Mum: Why, did something happen? What is wrong?

Me: Okay listen, (taking a deep breath) so I got to know this guy on the internet and he is very nice, you know… we are writing since May now and … well … I want to meet him. He is from Switzerland and I would drive there and go basically on a holiday and …

Mum: You are driving nowhere.

My: But mum..

Mum: Shhhh listen; first of all, it is okay that you want to meet him, but he should come here and not let you come there. If he is a gentleman he would not let a young girl travel alone to someone she does not really know. If he really wants to come then I think it is a good idea to meet up. Because here you know your way around and are not alone and even if it does not work out you can just come back home.

At that point I was already crying because I knew my mum was absolutely right with what she said but I had no idea how I should convince him to come visit me. Because of earlier relationship experiences, I did not expect and initiative from him and thought that I had to visit him. Just as the talk with my mum ended I got the following message from him.

By the way what if I visit you in summer? (Sat 14 May 3:17 pm)

That was one of my happiest moments in my life. I could not believe that someone would fly from Switzerland to Germany only to see me.

We settled for four days in June and I said that I would show him the part of Germany where I live. He was staying in a hotel a 15 minute car ride away from my house. Also I promised to pick him up at the airport and to drive him to the hotel where he stayed. I was very nervous when arriving at the airport. It seemed like an eternity till he came out of the baggage area. Before he came out I told him to come down the ramp on the left side, because I was waiting there. Of course he took the other side (something I still mock him with till today). I only saw him a few seconds before he squeezed me into his arms. It was the best feeling ever.

After I dropped him off at the hotel and drove home, I was already looking forward to the coming four days.


5 thoughts on “How my long-distance-relationship started

  1. theschooldropout

    Aww … This is adorable …
    That first message from him just oozes Shakespearean charm …
    To be honest if someone messaged me that I would probably fall in love with them too lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caro

    Liebstes Linchen. Sehr berührend geschrieben. Wunderschön. Aber ehrlich. Ich war also alle andere als begeistert, als dieser besagte junge dynamische Schweizer einfach von dannen zog um seine !!! Internetbekanntschaft !!! zu treffen. Ich hab mir derweilen die Fingernägel kurz gekaut😬 . Nun bin ich aber gespannt wies weitergeht.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. anonpanda

    I was in a long distance relationship for 1 and a half years. They are from Wales so I moved to Wales and married them. Four years later, here we are.
    I know your pain and the difficulty of long distance.
    I hope you get to be together some day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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