Moving Out

I have always lived with my family, for whole 20 years.

It was most of the time quite strict, since my mum really likes to make sure I do my school work and study as much as I can. But on the other hand she did my washing, ironing and dinner. Then there are of course my dad and my brothers who are always around, so it is quite fun to be home and have dinner and film nights together.

But after my finals in school and a gap year, where I spend half of it in language schools it was finally time to choose a university. My first couple of applications went out to German ones, but after a fair where university’s can present themselves, I hopelessly fell in love with the University of South Wales. It had the course I wanted.

And after my parents were convinced all the planing started, I was moving to Wales.

The first important point was to find a place to live, either in halls, a flat or a shared house. I and my mum decided on latter, which turned out as the cheapest option. So in order to find a nice house I could rent in, we flew over for the open day of the uni and made an appointment with an agency. They were very nice and showed us a few houses. A lovely one on top of a hill caught my eye and I decided that it shall become my new home.

The further preparations turned out surprisingly numerous. Even though a desk, wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers was already there, it was only a tiny amount of what I needed. From kitchen supplies to duvets and lamps. The journey to find all these items starts at home, leads you to family and friends and finally to Ikea.

After assembling all my stuff I had to somehow get it to my new home, and the best choice was to send it in packages. Either of them were big enough that you could have send me to Wales in them. The packages left a week before me, but still arrived two days after me. Well, only one arrived to be precise. The other got lost for four days and arrived a bit later.

At first my room was very cold and unfamiliar, but the more personal things you decorate it with, the more you will love it. Even the right blanket can make a huge difference. Over time it will feel just like your own home.


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